Instructions in Spanish

For the past couple of years I have noticed that a lot of the packaged good from the grocery store have cooking instructions on the box or label that are written in both English and in Spanish. I thought at first that meant perhaps the company was shipping more of our foods across the border to expand their consumer base.

But evidently that is not true. They are being printed in Spanish because so many people have immigrated to the U. S. and cannot read English that they are trying to expand their consumer base right here in the U. S.

today's spanish speaking consumers

Habla Espaniol!

Display and Protect your Double-Edge with Style

Am getting a head start on some idea for the various gift giving holidays that will be approaching here real soon. There is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, my parents will be celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary in the end of March. That’s not even including all the birthdays that are scattered all over the entire year!

Any way I have been looking for a shaving stand to give to my Dad for this year’s Father’s Day. I think this will be a gift that he will actually enjoy, use and hopefully appreciate. There are so many types and such a range of prices that made to step back and process for a while. But I think I have narrowed it down to this Razor Stand for Double Edged Razor.

Double Duty

Razor Stand for Double Edged Razor

Cream Soda

For years I have bought A & W root beer as an occasional soda treat. I like to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and make root beer floats. So I was rushing through the grocery store this afternoon and noticed that ice cream is on sale as a BOGO. I picked up two half gallons of Breyer’s double churned vanilla ice cream and headed to the soda aisle to get a 12 pack box of root beer.

It was not until I got home and was loading my refrigerator with the sodas that I realized I had not picked up the A & W root beers that I intended. I had mistakenly picked up the A & W cream soda. I suppose the cream soda would taste OK as a float, but maybe it will be way too much vanilla and cream together. So I think I should just hold off the floats and go back to the store tomorrow to buy the proper A & W root beer that I had intended. I’m sure the kids will drink the cream sodas and they won’t go to waste.

A&W is the best

The Best Root Beer Float


Hey Bidder Bidder

Have you ever been to an auction? I used to take my son to auctions around town. We’ve been to estate auctions, house and land auctions, liquidation auctions, police autions and the auto auction. Now I’m all excited about online auctions, because online is much more convenient than driving all over town for the local auctions, plus you have a greater variety of items on which to bid.

There is an auction site in the U.K. that has sold high dollar items for a fraction of their retail value, such as an iPod going for just $2. One of the secrets to finding the best deals and rock bottom prices on the internet is to find a newly launching site, because you will have less people bidding against you.

With that in mind, I’ve heard about a new site just about ready to launch, called and I’ve already got the site bookmarked. The cool thing about this site is that your first bid of the day is free, and you can raise bids on the items you want by as little as a penny, so these type of auction sites are called Penny Auctions. I like the way they work, like extending the time limit after each bid to allow users a last chance, and they offer free shipping. You can even bid on items using your cellphone if you can’t be in front of your computer all day to monitor your bids. I’m really looking forward to giving this new site a try.

Do You Read?


What book are you reading? If you are not actually reading a book now, what is the last book you read? I always have a book in the car for reading while I am stuck waiting for something or someone. The book in the car is the first of the “Girl” series, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” I like the book but it is long and I’ve already seen the movie, so I know how it ends and I’m not all that motivated to finish reading it. But at least I am reading.

This just might be the year that get a bit more reading done in my spare time.