My Schecter Diamond Series Bass Guitar

One of the most memorable Christmas’s of year’s gone by was the one that my parents some how really pulled it off and surprised with a new guitar. It was a fantasy of mine (like most kids my age had) to become a rock and roll star and I couldn’t possibly reach my goal if I didn’t have a decent guitar to play.

Normally we had our Christmas tree and all of the gift giving moments in the family room down in the basement. But for some reason this year my parents decided to try and do it differently, which meant having the Christmas in the living room, in the corner closest to the front window. People that went by the house could for the first time since we lived there see our beloved Christmas tree along with the other holiday decorations that we spent so much time on making and decorating each year with.

This year after, all the presents were opened and before we all gathered at the table for breakfast, my mother handed me an envelope that I didn’t expect her to give to me. I opened it up (most likely with the rolling of the eyes that kids that age are so known for doing) and was surprised to see my mother’s handwriting telling me to go downstairs to find a special surprise.

I remember practically diving and doing cartwheels all the way down the basement stairs and quickly sprinting into the family room where I found a rather large box wrapped up with my name written on it. I couldn’t get the paper off of there quickly enough to satisfy me. I basically remember a flurry of paper and cardboard while the rest of the family came on down to join me.

I never expected to really find an schecter diamond series bass guitar and one of the cool on stage stands in that box. My mother was prepared with a camera in hand and she managed to snap a couple of pictures of me while all of this was going on and they have become some of the funniest pictures taken back in the days of our youth.

I wish that I still had that guitar. We made beautiful music together for many years. I do believe that having this guitar kept me out of a lot of trouble that could have made my life even more complicated than it already was. But some how the darned thing got misplaced, lost or stolen because no one in the family remembers the last time they had actually seen me with it. I some times think that I will take some time and climb up into my parents attic and see if it some how was put up there. But the last time I was up there my sister was there as well and it some how turned into a search for treasures of her childhood, not my guitar. I got frustrated and it left a real bad taste in my mouth and I haven’t been up there since.

Gathering Loose Change

Our grandson came to visit over the weekend and we had a wonderful time. He was full of life and energy and it was a nice reminder of how active children can be, and how much attention they require.

We tried to keep him outside as much as possible, as the weather was very nice and little boys needs fresh air and exercise. We played ball for a little while and I worked with him a little on learning to balance on a two wheel bicycle. He does not have a bicycle at home because there is no safe place for him to ride one. Here in my neighborhood, we have a quiet street that is a cul de sac and mostly level, which makes it ideal for learning to bicycle or skate.

One of the things I tried with him was offering to pay him for picking up sticks and burr balls from the yard. He didn’t seem very interested in that until I told him I would pay him a penny for each one that he carried to the curb. That worked for a while and then I was scrambling to find enough loose change to pay him off!

A Hand Written Thank You Card

All the research that I did for the MF Pro Tools that I found and ordered from guitar center hollywood and was given to our nephew has been a big hit from what I am hearing. I went ahead and chipped in this software with several of the other aunts and uncles that are still around. He even took the time to send all of us hand written thank you cards, which you don’t find many off in the mail box at the end of the driveway these days, so I’m impressed.

This kid was born to be in the music business. He can play the piano, the guitar, the bass, the drums, the flute and so many other instruments that I can’t even remember at this point. So when he started producing and recording music I guess it shouldn’t have come as much as a surprise. I don’t know which type of profession would be the hardest to get into these days, apparently he seems to think that this particular audio production software that is used for recording, composing, editing, and mixing music and sound for picture will help him immensely along the way.

His side of the family seems to have gotten the most musical talent in the family, as far as playing music, but my side of the family is better known for their singing and dancing capabilities, which I was left out of completely, so I don’t exactly know where I fit in. I can’t carry a tune or keep a beat, so maybe the stories that the other kids kept telling me about me “being adopted” just might be true! Just joking here folks, I can just image my mother reading this at some point and getting her nose out of joint by me saying such a thing.

My Old Home Movies

Every year at Christmas time I get cards and emails and calls from family members asking for copies of my home movies. I’ve made copies and sent them out, but there has to be a better way.

My dad always took a movie camera and a high end SLR camera with us on trips and to family events. When he passed away, his collection of home movies was given to me. I took each old 8mm movie and digitized them. One of these days I would like to overlay a soundtrack and some narrative, but I just haven’t made the time to get that project going. One of these days . . .

Postage Due

Most days our mail carrier is brusque and impersonal, even though he has been delivering the mail to my house for over 6 years. He rarely waves or smiles when we meet up at the mailbox, and the few times he comes to the door with certified mail or postage due, he just thrusts the piece into my hand and leaves as quickly as possible. So, no award to this guy for “Mr. Personality.”

Usually, mailboxes are not on mind. But this morning I wanted to mail out a birthday card and when I walked out to my mail box, I realized that someone has broken off the red flag on the side of the box. If I cannot raise the red flag, then the mail carrier does not know to stop and collect my outgoing mail. Frankly, I’m surprised the mail carrier has not complained to me about the damaged box. There are probably some obscure regulations about having to keep a proper box at the curb.

So, I carried the card to be mailed with me in the car until I could get to a post office while I was out running errands. And I suppose tonight I will get online and search forĀ  mail boxes so I can order a replacement for my damaged box.