Loose Change

A bg part of cleaning out my car is gathering up all the loose change that is scattered about. I find everything from wheat pennies to silver dollars that have bounced around in the car for months at a time. Last night there was over five bucks in change in just the ashtray.

Of course, I don’t smoke, so the car’s ashtray seems like a good place to toss the change when I pay for food at a drive through window. Somehow the change never stay in just the ashtray – there is change under the seat, change in the door wells, even loose change in the trunk. So today I will put someone to work sorting through all this loose change and rolling it up so I can take it t the bank.

it all spends as well

It All Ads Up!

All Weather White Craft Furniture and Decor

It’s always a good feeling when one of your kids actually listens to your advice and then acts on it. I may not know a whole heck of a lot about furniture but I do know that the only kind of furniture to place outside all year round is “all weather wicker outdoor patio furniture” like the Whitecraft 4PC Sedona All Weather Wicker Sectional pieces like the one that I posted here.

Fabric Choice (Right and Left Facing Love Seat, Armless Unit and Corner Unit included) Other items sold individually

Whitecraft 4PC Sedona All Weather Wicker Sectional

And even if it is an “all weather piece(s)” you must take a reasonable amount of care of any product whether it is meant to be inside the home or not. A good whip down every now and then is always a good idea, especially if there are a lot of spiders in the area.  I’ve always had good luck with the few pieces of resort style deep seating white craft furniture, that we have out back on our patio area, which is why I feel confident in referring them to my daughter and her soon-to-be husband.

If everything goes correctly he will be returning to the States before the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays and the horrible winter weather kicks in, although where they live down south it doesn’t get all that cold all that often. One reason they are looking at outdoor patio furniture and other related items that they have been saving up for. Not an easy thing to do considering how little our military personnel actually make and how little restraint my daughter has when it comes to spending money!

The Army has been good to them and we are all counting down the days until he finally bids his farewell once and for all to the military. He has a lot of offers and options that he will be taking into consideration after he has time to adjust to civilian life and get to know everyone all over again. One thing for sure, they aren’t planning on relocating any time soon, so they are doing all they can to make their house as nice and comfortable as they can afford to do.

My Bass 4 String Guitar

One of the most memorable Christmas’s of year’s gone by was the one that my parents some how really pulled it off and surprised with a new bass 4 string guitar. It was a fantasy of mine (like most kids my age had) to become a rock and roll star and I couldn’t possibly reach my goal if I didn’t have a decent guitar to play.

Normally we had our Christmas tree and all of the gift giving moments in the family room down in the basement. But for some reason this year my parents decided to try and do it differently, which meant having the Christmas in the living room, in the corner closest to the front window. People that went by the house could for the first time since we lived there see our beloved Christmas tree along with the other holiday decorations that we spent so much time on making and decorating each year with.

This year after, all the presents were opened and before we all gathered at the table for breakfast, my mother handed me an envelope that I didn’t expect her to give to me. I opened it up (most likely with the rolling of the eyes that kids that age are so known for doing) and was surprised to see my mother’s handwriting telling me to go downstairs to find a special surprise.

I remember practically diving and doing cartwheels all the way down the basement stairs and quickly sprinting into the family room where I found a rather large box wrapped up with my name written on it. I couldn’t get the paper off of there quickly enough to satisfy me. I basically remember a flurry of paper and cardboard while the rest of the family came on down to join me.

I never expected to really find an electric bass guitar in that box. My mother was prepared with a camera in hand and she managed to snap a couple of pictures of me while all of this was going on and they have become some of the funniest pictures taken back in the days of our youth.

I wish that I still had that guitar. We made beautiful music together for many years. I do believe that having this guitar kept me out of a lot of trouble that could have made my life even more complicated than it already was. But some how the darned thing got misplaced, lost or stolen because no one in the family remembers the last time they had actually seen me with it. I some times think that I will take some time and climb up into my parents attic and see if it some how was put up there. But the last time I was up there my sister was there as well and it some how turned into a search for treasures of her childhood, not my guitar. I got frustrated and it left a real bad taste in my mouth and I haven’t been up there since.

Please, Friends – No Dogs Left in Hot Cars

I was quite freaked out today when I left the grocery store and discovered a small dog in the car parked next to mine. The driver had not left the windows open at all, so the temperature inside that car was obviously getting high. It has been in the 80’s all week. It is summer, after all.

The little dog was frantically pawing at the window and I could not ignore it. I did not see any sign of someone heading to the car. I went back inside the grocery store and asked the manager to call the police. I told her that if the police or the driver were not there in 5 minutes I was prepared to break out the window and take the dog out myself.

The manager called the non emergency number and there was a police car just down the street who got the call. He was there in 2 minutes, just as the driver came came back to her car with a cart full of groceries.

Well, I admire the cop for being polite and informing that woman that she had done wrong. I don’t think I could have said it as nicely as he did. He wrote her a ticket for animal abuse and warned her that the judge could take her pets away from her. He also said he was filing a complaint with the Animal Control Services and asking them to stop by her house for an inspection.

I just hope she takes this seriously and leaves her little dogs at home next time. It is way too hot to leave any pets or children in a parked car.

warning about dogs in hot cars