Debit Card Limits?

There are many differences between credit cards and debit cards, and I have both for different reasons. I like my debit card for ease of use in every day tasks and local errands. But debit cards are a bad idea for hotel check-in, rental cars,  and other big ticket items.

I have been very careful about using my debit card, as I do not want to risk overdraft charges or having my card declined during a sale. But that has been self policing and I like it that way. On the news today, they announced that some banks are starting to implement a bank imposed limit of no more than $50 on any single debit card transaction.

I have not heard their rationale on this other than it being just another money grab by the banks. If this is going to be the case, I can always start carrying large amounts of cash rather than depositing my money in any bank for them to use until I need it. After all, this is my money – not theirs.


One of the things about Facebook that is unique but also puzzling is the Poke. I don’t really know what they intended when they put the Poke on there. I never thought that poking was polite – its a way to get attention but its so rude to do that in real life. I can’t remember the last time I would have poked anyone in real life. I think I might have gotten slapped or punched back, so I quit it.

And then some people think Poke is a dirty word. So it worries me that if I was to poke a woman on Facebook would she think I was being suggestive? So I just don’t do any pokes.

poke me on facebook

Facebook Poking

Happy Birthday, Little Bro

My youngest brother is having a birthday today so I want to take a moment to wish him a Happy Birthday. It’s not a “Big ‘0″ birthday this time, but unless I am mistaken, it is a “Big ‘5″ birthday.

Back in the early days of his career, I got him him his first job outside of the family business. The big computer company that i was working for needed people for several different types of work. I brought him in to meet with the H R Director and he was hired on the spot. He worked for the company for almost 3 years and made me proud every day that he was there.

image of a happy birthday wish for little brother

Happy Birthday Little Brother

Fancy Things

There is a great movie starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman about a lawyer (Smith) targeted by a corrupt high level politician when he accidentally receives a disk with evidence of a murder. He becomes the victim of high tech warfare, with digital interceptions, satellite surveillance, bugs planted on his personal effects and agents with murderous intentions hot on his trail.

The interesting part of the story is that the hand off of the key piece of evidence happens when Smith is inside a high end lingerie store, and the original perpetrator slips the disk into Smith’s shopping bag. Smith was in the store to buy a conciliatory gift for his long suffering wife. This scene was one of the best in the movie. Smith has a store associate approach to help him and he bumbles along with trying to express what he wants, what size he needs, and is clearly uncomfortable and embarrassed to be there. He says ridiculous things that could easily be taken as offensive by the sale staff, yet they seem amused. It’s a classic male nightmare.

Here is my secret for avoiding that type of situation in the first place. Order the lingerie you want online. You can shop all the styles and colors at your leisure, and there is no embarrassment to the transaction at all.

So Out Of His Comfort Zone

So Out Of His Comfort Zone


In the Ghetto

Tonight’s episode of Harry’s Law was another peak into the complexities and brutalities of life in the ghetto. I think it got away from some of the better storyline about the practice of law and was more of a social statement. But overall, this episode took on medical issues that most people are uncomfortable talking about and that made it interesting.

The episode addressed the need for all people to have access to medical care and that not everyone can use the conventional methods and institutions that exist today. However, someone who is not part of today’s medical institutions risks jail for practicing without a license.

A solution was not actually addressed or suggested within the story. However, I hope some forward thinking citizens use this as a touch stone or talking point to bring some new thoughts on affordable and accessible health care to people with no insurance and limited financial means.