Putting Her Business on the Internet

My sister is looking for a way to make some extra money, so I’ve been encouraging her to supplement her business with a web site. For years she has been going to local flea markets and selling collectibles. I think her own web site to sell some of those items would be a perfect complement to that business.

The first thing she needs to do is find a domain name for her online business. That is getting harder to do because so many other people are grabbing up the good domain names. But if she finds a good domain name, she can buy the name and when she transfers the domain name to a hosting service I can help her set it up.

Transferring the domain name to a hosting service is pretty easy to do, once you have decided on the hosting service to use. That is easy, too, if you use a site like Web Hosting Geeks to compare the top services and find which one meets your needs.

For my sister’s business site, I recommend dedicated server hosting. If she becomes as successful online as I expect, this will be her best choice for now plus allowing for growth and expansion.

I read an article on the Web Hosting Geeks site called, “Choosing Between a Dedicated Server and Managed Hosting,” and I believe her type of web site would benefit from a dedicated server hosting plan.

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Where to Invest?

Once the young families get settled into their careers, they’ve bought and furnished their homes, and the kids are in school, they start thinking about investments. The younger you can start thinking about the investments, the better chance you have of accumulating real wealth. A lot of successful people work closely with investment counselors and advisers, and some people are more comfortable learning the tricks of the trade and directing their investments on their own.

An interesting investment vehicle that is similar to the stock market in many aspects is currency trading. This is a relatively new opportunity because there is now access to software and online real time trading.

The best source of charts, analysis, tracking and trading is the CEX.IO. If you like charting and fingertip analysis of your trades and investments, then you should check out the CEX.IO Bitcoin Commodity Exchange web site at https://cex.io/.

I like the web site because it answers all the questions for a beginner, and you can open a free practice account to see real time effects of your trades without actually costing you any real money as you learn. You learn to read the charts and execute trades, and you learn how to track and analyze your account activities.

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A New Mounted Bubble Machine

Hosting a birthday party is always challenging and I get to host one myself, for my daughter, who will be turning 7 next month. I asked her what she wanted the theme to be for her party, and she replied with “Under the Sea.” I found it to be a pretty fun theme to work with, that’s for sure.  For the decorations and party bags I took into account that she has been fascinated with bubbles for the last year or so, decorating her room and playing with bubbles in the bathtub. I thought it would be a clever idea to create the Under the Sea room with a bubble machine mounted on the wall or sitting on a table blowing out massive amounts of bubbles into the room.

So, I sat down the other night at my computer and searched around the net to see if I could find any bubble machines for a great price. It didn’t take long to find an awesome site that offers bubble machines with a fog machine built in. I immediately found the perfect fit for her party, and it’s a great party add-on for any other occasion in the future. I have every confidence that my daughter will love the bubble machine and so will all of her party guests. It will help create an unforgettable memory for her, and with all the other decorations, games and a special sea creature type of cake, I couldn’t be any happier.

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The Red Tuxedo Vest

Charlie will be the first of all of my nieces and nephews to graduate high school as well as the first to attend a high school prom. It is crazy high much money these kids are expected to dish out for everything that it takes to attend a prom. I wanted to make sure that he has a nice tux to wear, so I sent his mother some money to help with the cost of the whole event.

She just sent me a picture of the shirt, the tux, as well as a red tuxedo vest. Now that takes some courage, if you ask me. But then things have changed so drastically since I went to any type of high school dance, much less a prom.

I expect some good pictures of the happy couple and I pray that everyone that night have a blast and that they all get home safely.

red vested
Solid Satin Vest with Bowtie
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The Art Of Tipping

This isn’t about how much you should tip someone for a service rendered, which is something that more people should be aware of. Rather about the new craze that I heard last night on the evening news that has taken the sport of cow tipping into a whole new level. An art that people in the city can get into as well. You know those city folks that would have to drive well over an hour or two in order to even see a cow.

It seems that these days those very small (and dangerous) Smart Cars are being tipped over, while the driver is away and has left this extremely tiny version of a car in a parking spot some where. I swear I have never understood why people enjoyed tipping a cow over, but after seeing these couple of photos (and tons of others that are all over the Internet) I think I can see how entertaining tipping a Smart Car might be, if you had the mind and the opportunity to do so.

tipping smartcar
The Smart Car Tipping Craze
tipped over smart car
Blue Smart Car Tipped Over

I remember a few VW Beetles being flipped over on their sides, back in the day, so the tipping of a particular make of car really isn’t all that new and inventive if you ask me. They say that everything that was old will come back again at some point.

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