Wedding and Party Music

In the five years that I worked as a mobile DJ, I learned a lot about reading a crowd and finding music to get people up out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. I would come to the event with a music library of almost 5,000 songs and a printed catalogue of songs sorted by title and by artist so I could take requests.

After I got some experience under my belt, I would come up with playlists and lists of recommended songs for the different milestones during typical events. I’m still interested in music and entertaining – it’s in my blood – so I occasionally surf around other DJ sites and read their playlists or other information, such as the Los Angeles Wedding DJs site for the Elegant Event Entertainment company.

What I like about their particular web site is that they have a Wedding DJ blog filled with informative posts. They have posts about venues, party planning, and even “7 Steps for Hiring a Wedding DJ.” This is the kind of information presented in a very user friendly and easy to read format that today’s brides and event planners will appreciate.

In reading the “7 Steps for Hiring a Wedding DJ,” I think an often overlooked step and possible mistake is their tip #2: “Interview the DJ, not just the DJ company.” Most DJ companies will sell you on their service and their price, but most do not offer to let you talk directly to the DJ that will be at your event. This is a very good tip and if the DJ company refuses to let you talk to the DJ, I would run from that contract as fast as I could and find someone else.

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Marketing By Twitter

It amazes me how there are so many more ways to advertise any type of business or service these days. Long gone are the local Yellow Pages that most of us depended on back before today’s technology took over. Of course nothing will or can replace word of mouth but if you want to advertise and get the most bang for your buck there is so much more to take advantage of these days.

Besides having a website (which is a must these days), there is Face Book, You Tube, Tumbler, Linkedin and of course the ever growing Twitter. I’m sure there are many more social network sites out there. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment if you like. But right now Twitter is really on my mind. I recently signed up myself and have been spending some time familiarizing myself with the whole process and seeing who is who, what is what and where exactly I want to go with it.

Heck even allred insurance has a Twitter account. I never would have imagined Don Allred would be so tech savvy but it appears that he has quite a following and is heading in the right direction to market his skills and experience in the insurance industry in the Burlington North Carolina area.

Insurance on Twitter
Don Allred Insurance


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Mailbox Shopping For Mom

My mother has a nice condo downtown. I like it because it is laid out all on one floor and is conveniently located near a small grocery store, a Walgreens and a variety of delis and restaurants.I was over there last night helping her with a small problem with her wall mount mailbox. I thought it might just need a little repair work and a squirt of WD-40, but I think she needs a new one, as the hinge is actually broken.

I like the way her condo unit uses wall mount mailboxes instead of a common mail box area where you have to get out of your car and spent several minutes retrieving your mail from a kiosk or wall of boxes. I think having the box right next to your front door is a little safer, even though she lives in a good part of town. I worry about those moments when people get distracted and become easy victims of muggers and other small time criminals. The routine time spent accessing your mailbox, taking your trash to the dumpster, and getting into your car in an underground parking lot or poorly lit surface lot are the time when most people let their guard down. I’ve talked with her about this several times and I hope she is more aware of her surroundings than the average person.

So I’ve started looking around at the house mailboxes of her neighbors. All of them are very tasteful and attractive. So I’m even more determined to replace her old rusted mailbox with a broken hinge. I’ll just order something nice from online and surprise her with a new mailbox in a week or two.

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Pedalboards and More

Once you have tried a pedalboard you will realize how important they are in your efforts to make good sounding music, by keeping all of your pedals in one place, hence the pedalboard.  These wonderful little (well actually they aren’t all that little) gadgets can be your all-in-one solution for your rehearsals, recording and performances. And if you get a carrying case it makes it easier to pack and carry where ever you find yourself landing at.

There are a lot of good deals at musician’s friend going on right now. Their website is totally user friendly and they offer free shipping, which is something that I always look for when shopping online.

board and a bag
Gator GPT-PRO-PWR Powered Pedal Tote Pro Pedalboard with Bag


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Stanton CD Player and MP3

This single 2U rackmountable CD player that I have been eyeballing is capable of handling MP3s as well. which is just another plus that I can add to the list of positive things about making this purchase. In case you weren’t aware that these stanton cd players are well known for their quality, so if I am going to dish out some hard earned cash on a CD player I might as well go for the best that I can within my budget.

CD Player
Stanton C.402 Single Rackmount CD Player with MP
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