Point and Shoot is for Amateurs

With the holidays here, I decided to check my digital camera gear and make sure the batteries are charged, the memory sticks are clear and the lenses are clean.

I am hoping Santa might bring me a nice new camera for Christmas. As much as I love my Sony Cybershot that I got a few years ago, there have been a lot of new technology and enhancements to the newer cameras.

This coming year I plan on taking a professional camera class somewhere and I will want to buy a professional quality digital camera for my new hobby. Some of the photos I took this year are worth printing and framing, and maybe even entering in an amateur contest. So I am going to go ahead a learn more, but new equipment and get busy taking photographs next year.

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Les Paul Guitars

Today I sent my sister this link, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pages/les-paul, so that she can see what I am talking about with the Les Paul Guitars that they have in stock. Eric really wants to play a guitar and I think that an 11 year old would really enjoy a Les Paul. They have quite the reputation and have been around for a very long time. So many rock stars have been known to play a mean Les Paul Guitar, I just don’t think that you could go wrong with one of your own.

les paul by gibson
Gibson 2014 Les Paul Futura Plain Top Electric Guitar Bullion Gold Vintage Gloss
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Remembering 7th Grade

One of the Facebook groups I just joined is for people who went to the same junior high school that I went to, and it has been a total blast reminiscing with all my friends from back in the ‘hood. Surprisingly, a lot of people have kept their junior high school yearbooks for all these years and are happy to scan the pages and post them on their profiles so we can see our classmates and teachers.

One of the biggest adjustments that I remember about going to junior high school was that we were assigned school lockers to have a secure place for storing our coats and extra books. I really liked having my own locker and my own secret combination for opening my locker. It was like claiming my own little piece of real estate in the maze of hallways and classrooms.

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Used Instruments

Even though I have offered to buy any type of musical instrument for any of my sister’s kids, she is determined not to have to go that route. She is a stubborn one, this one is. Bless her heart, I know it isn’t easy being a single mother of 3 boys. Brian is 11, Eric is 7 and David will soon be 5 years old and I can testify that they can be a handful when left unsupervised and or when they get bored.

Since music has always been a great way to occupy one’s time I am all for getting any or all of them some type of music lessons. As we all know it takes money to purchase most musical instruments, so sis has found a place that sells Used Instruments that she is “fostering a relationship with,” as she tells me, online. I wish her the best and I hope she can manage it, if not I’ll just have to start bullying my way into the mission some how.

no pain
Good Things Come With Music
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New Renters

Across the street, the owners of that cute gray cabin have been renovating the house and getting ready to rent it out. They have a “for rent” sign in the front yard and it has been getting a lot of attention from the people in cars that drive through our neighborhood as a short cut.

They painted the entire exterior and put replacement composite shutters on the front side of the house. They are a dark and glossy black, which is actually very striking against the gray siding of the house. The former renters used to decorate the place like crazy for Christmas. I’m going to miss them almost as much as I’ll miss the decorations.

house for rent
House For Rent
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