Music Videos

About twenty five years ago I watched my first rock music videos on cable TV at my dad’s house. He was one of the very first households in Virginia to order cable TV. He was always gadget crazy and an early adapter for anything that had to do with electronics.

The music videos were primitive but quite a novelty, and soon there was a demand for different kinds of videos, country, rap, etc.  But if you try to watch music videos today, all the video channels have changed over to documentaries, reality TV shows and old movies.

I wanted to watch some rock videos last night but couldn’t find any. I wish there was a real music video channel on TV that showed new videos plus some of the older ones. After all there are over 25 years worth of videos to pick from. How else are we supposed to ever watch the videos other than

Alternate Investment

As far back as I can remember, my parents and teachers have always talked about gold and the value of this precious metal. My father always bought gold jewelry for my mother as special gifts, such as anniversaries and Christmas. She had a jewelry box on her bedroom dresser filled with beautiful gold necklaces, earrings and rings. Her favorite was the Monogram Necklace that we all pitched in a gave to her when she landed herself in the hospital because of a horrible traffic accident that she broke her right leg and ankle in. This beautiful necklace wasn’t made of real gold, it was gold plated, but we didn’t know the difference back then and mom didn’t seem to care one way or another. It was the thought that mattered, as it should be.

Mt father also bought gold coins as an investment and as a collector. He kept his collection in a safe in his home office until he became elderly, then he moved them to a safety deposit box for safe keeping.

I inherited his gold collection and have added to it from time to time, over the years. I don’t really think of it as an investment strategy, but then again, if the world came to a crisis I suspect that real gold will become worth much more than the paper money and silver coins that we use today.

I would like to teach my children about gold and how to find valuable pieces to add to a collection. But to be honest, I don’t think either of them are in a good place in their lives to appreciate that yet. So i will wait until things settle down for them and then share some of what I’ve learned about this alternate investment and interesting hobby.

Flu Shot

Should I get a flu shot or skip it again this year? I’ve been agonizing over the question. Last year I did not get a flu shot and I was sick for almost 3 straight months – from December through February. It was probably a combination of flu and mold allergies, but I was not healthy at all and sure don’t want to repeat that misery again this year.

The past couple of years has had a lot of drama associated with the shots. One year they ran out and there was a shortage. Another year they said they put the wrong flu strain in there to protect against the actual flu strain that hit the U.S. And yet another year I did get a shot at work and then came down with the flu the very next day. So there’s a lot of negative energy flying around about the flu shot and whether it is even worth it.

They say that this year’s flu shot has the right stuff to fend off three different flu strains. I’ve seen it advertised for $30, $25 and even $20 at Sam’s Club, so it is tempting to go ahead and get the shot this year. Can’t help thinking that I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

Beyond Freckles Ultra Firming Cream

Everyone in today’s world has no excuse for going out in the sun without first applying sunscreen. There have been years of advisories and advertisements about the importance of skin care and about taking care of the skin you are in. My wife scolds me constantly about going out to work in the yard without first putting on sunscreen, but I often rationalize that by saying that I will be sweating so much while I work that the screen will not only wash off but will get into my eyes.

Skin damage is obvious in several ways, from freckles to sunburns to Age Spots. I do take it seriously, but sometimes you have to be practical, and trust me – sunscreen that gets in your eyes burns. It burns a lot and for a long time and I don’t ever want to go through that again!

My wife is a fan of many Skin Care Products and our bathroom cabinets of full of her lotions and potions. I once saw a photo of a bathtub or shower stall with an assortment of a woman’s bath products, cluttered with dozens of bottles, brushes and hygiene tools. Then it was placed next to a photo of a tub with a man’s bath products and it showed only 4 or 5 total items. The contrast between the two was remarkable and funny.

If you have a teenager in the house, that same photo would include items such as Ultra Firming Cream, Acne Products and a lot more hair products. Thank goodness we are past those days – our kids are grown and out on their own. So we have been able to reclaim a portion of the bathroom storage space.

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Resistance is Futile

Remember the Star Trek – Next Generation series when the Enterprise had to deal with Borg issues? The Borg was a collective of robotic invaders. They would announce to their victims that “Resistance is Futile.” It was a great concept of robot smack talk.

I have been resisting using the computer and the internet for video. I would rather read a headline and short text to get my information than to sit passively and watch a video. But more and more there is video online. I guess resistance really IS futile.