Thirty Seconds Of Funny

Every now and then there comes a commercial that strikes the funny bone of this middle aged man. This current BMW commercial is on the top of my list of what I consider humorous enough for me to take the time and effort to post it here today! I didn’t realize that it was a Superbowl Commercial until I read it on YouTube while trying to find the Embed code to click on.

This is the type of ad that you can think about and you just can’t help but find a silly grin on your face even if it’s for only a moment or two or three……

Granddad, Back in the Day

Vienna Syncopators 1938
The Vienna Syncopators, 1938.

Granddad on piano, Uncle Stanley on sax, Uncle George on trumpet.

Know matter where I hear about the one musical instrument that really intrigues me, but is one that I have no desire to try and learn. I swear I don’t think I’d have enough air in me to last more that 20 or 30 seconds before I’d be tuckered out in know time flat!

This rotary valve trumpet is one fine looking piece of Gold Brass, Lacquer and is attached to a price tag of five grand! I wonder what my Granddad would have to say about this particular handcrafted instrument that are so easily found on the Internet.

Leaking Storage Shed

Since my walk this morning when I noticed the blue tarp on my neighbor’s shed, I happened to be outside clearing leaves from the birdbath when my neighbor got home. As he got out of his truck he waved, so I took that opportunity to walk over and chat with him a bit.

I politely asked him about the blue tarp and he told me that a huge tree limb had fallen off one of his backyard trees and punched a hole through the she’d roof. He walk me over to the shed and showed me the hole. It was a pretty large hole that went from one side of the shed roof to the other.

The tree limb was still there, too. It was about as big around as I am, and about 10 feet long. I can’t believe I didn’t hear and feel the crash when that big of a limb fell and hit that shed. In fact, he is really lucky that the limb hit the shed and not his truck parked right in front of the shed. Or worse, his house.

Sometimes I love these old trees in our backyard but now I am getting a little nervous about big limbs falling off them. I think a call to the tree surgeon is in order. We might even get a discount on tree trimming or removal is several of us neighbors go in together with the same company.

Fishing with Claude

Found a site that I need to let my friend, Claude, know about. Claude is an avid fisherman, ever since he was hurt on the job and was told that he is permanently disabled. Thankfully he is not confined to a wheelchair and the exercise he gets from hiking back and forth from his car to the streams and rivers to fish is good for him.

There are plenty of places around here to go fishing, and Claude has been to them all. He is a strong believer in the catch and release program, so he doesn’t have a wall in his living room full of trophy fish mounted on plaques, but he does occasionally take a photo using his cell phone of his recent catch.

Claude has fished for just about everything from bass to marlin, but his favorite catch is trout. He says that fishing for trout is more challenging and therefore more rewarding. I have to agree with his logic. If it is too easy, then it is not really fun.

The web site that I came across today,, is all about people writing on whatever topic they choose, many of them regarding fishing, so I thought of Claude right away. The site is relatively new, but it is well organized and they appear to be writing a new post of interest every day. So it is the type of web site that you can visit on a regular basis and find something new each day.

Birthstones and Birthdays

People who have a birthday in December don’t get a fair shake if they have to compete with Christmas for attention on their birthday. I have heard of people who give a big gift at Christmas to their kid and then tell them it is a combination Christmas/Birthday gift. That’s just so unfair to the birthday side of someone’s celebration.

Even if you have a birthday ON Christmas day, you should still have a celebration of the birthday separate from the family’s celebration of Christmas. December can be a great month for birthdays. For example, the month’s birthstone is actually two different stones. One birthstone is turquoise:


The other December birthstone is blue topaz:


Blue topaz looks great when set in sterling silver, platinum or white gold. It also pairs very nicely with white diamonds, which makes a gorgeous cocktail ring or necklace. Even if your birthday is not in December, you might choose blue topaz for a cocktail ring or consolation ring, because it is such a beautiful stone.

My birthday is not in December. I was born in February, so my birthstone is the amethyst. It is not a very manly color, so I’ve never really been interested in buying amethyst jewelry for myself. I prefer gold jewelry. However, I do like buying jewelry for close family members and tried to learn about the different gemstones and what gives a gemstone its value as well as appealing to a person’s preference in styles and settings.

According to the the quick guide I read on the Apples of Gold web site, both diamonds and colored gemstones are rated on the four “C’s,” which are:


Every guy needs to learn about fine jewelry and educated himself on the four Cs of diamonds and colored gemstones. It would also be a good idea to learn about gold, silver, platinum and then also learn about pearls.