Hip Replacement Issues

My boss never mentioned having trouble walking or getting around, and for the few times each year that he was actually in our office for meetings, we never suspected that he would need a hip replacement. so we were totally surprised when the receptionist left everyone know that he was in the hospital this week recovering from his hip replacement surgery.

I wish he had talked to me about the surgery before he made his decision. I doubt that he was aware of issues on Zimmer Durom cup. I read about the problems online a few weeks ago. There was a video online about the attorneys who are handling lawsuits against the manufacturers of the hip replacement part that has been failing.

The Durom cup hip replacement is an interesting piece of metal that is surgically inserted into the leg. It looks a little like a stainless steel plumbing piece.

Unfortunately, some of the Zimmer Durom cup types have failed to work properly within the first two yeas of use. That is the basis for the lawsuits underway by the Maglio Christopher Toale & Pitts Law Firm.

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A Fxpansion Geist

a sample of music
Fxpansion Geist Virtual Sampling Instrument Software Download

So this particular fxpansion geist virtual sampling instrument software download isn’t as costly as I first thought. Although I am not all that knowledgeable about so much of the new technology that the music industry as to offer these days. The Guitar Center has a great website that I end up turning to for various needs and wants in the every growing industry that is the world of music. This year (for the up and coming holidays) I am sure I’ll be referencing this huge data base of all things musical.

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English Roots

As a young child I remember one summer when all the family was in a tizzy. We had relatives coming from England to America for a visit.

Everyone on both sides of my mother’s family is from England as far back as anyone has been able to trace. My name, Edward, is the same as my maternal grandfather and his father before him.

They tell my that I have thousands of cousins in England and that I could go from relative’s house to relative’s house for over a year and never have to pay for a hotel room if I wanted to go over there on holiday. There is something to be said for a free night’s bed and board, and the open invitation to come visit is very comforting.

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Gas to Go and Brakes to Stop

Funny how keep vehicles maintained and repaired can put a big hole in your wallet at the worst possible times.

Gas has gone back up from about $3.09 a gallon last month to over $3.56 at most gas stations near my house. That is a huge jump, for no apparent reason, and it makes me nervous to think that gas will be creeping back up close to the $4.00 per gallon mark again this year.

I just put brakes on the SUV but they are working right. I took it back to the place and they checked and tell me that nothing is wrong. Well, there IS something wrong and I don’t know what or where to take it. I just spent $600 on brakes and it makes me angry to drive it with bad brakes – on top of not being safe.

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Mailbox Upgrade

Somehow, the movable flag on my mailbox that indicates I have outgoing mail that needs to be picked up was broken off. This happened sometimes between yesterday at 5:00 pm when I picked up my mail, and this morning at 7:00 when I went out with the dogs and picked up the newspaper from the end of my driveway. That leads me to believe that it was done deliberately as a part of some mischief by young people and not something that happened in the course of actually using the mailbox by me or the postal carrier.

Since I’m going to have to have to replace the mailbox, I’ve decided to look at contemporary mailboxes and see if there is something more stylish out there than the plain old black box that I have been using.

That is how I came across bobi mailboxes, a whole new concept of mailboxes that were designed by two brothers in Finland. I love the European style of furniture and design, so I was not surprised that I fell in love with the bobi mailbox as soon as I saw a picture of one on the mailboxixchange dot com website. They are gorgeous and perfect for what I need here at home.

mailboxes by bobi
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