Mortgage Money

Sometimes an easy way to get more money is to make the money you have work harder for you. I’ve been reading up on ways to be smarter about my money. There are lots of ways to make the most of what you earn, and most of the suggestions are actually just smart money management. For example, avoid late payment fees. Do not write checks on accounts that don’t have that much money already deposited and cleared by your bank. Pay off the accounts that charge the highest interest rates. Keep track of all your debits and cash card transactions so that you do not accidentally overdraw your account.

These sound simple but you would be surprised how many people ignore them or get careless and end up paying out a lot of money in unnecessary fees.

Another good idea is payoff your mortgage as quickly as possible. If your home mortgage allows you to make extra payments, you can pay your mortgage payments twice a month instead of just once a month and save a lot of money over the term of your mortgage. Making payments twice a month pays down the principal amount faster than once a month, and faster means that you save money. Check with your mortgage company and ask about early mortgage payoff methods that meet the terms of your mortgage agreement.

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Guided Deer Hunting in Texas

Some years I feel the urge to go with some of my friends and spend a day or two hunting. I don’t like traveling more than an hour or two to get to where I want to settle down in. And I have never gone out of state. It has been a few years since I have even considered traveling much less incorporating a deer hunt into the picture, but I think that now would be a good time to consider such a venture.

A couple of my good buddies have been talking it up about signing up for some guided deer hunts in Texas. I personally am under the opinion that nothing good has ever come out of Texas, but not everybody feels that way. Right now is a good time to plan out such a trip, the month of September is fast approaching and hunting season will be in full swing. Next thing you know it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving and of then of course the Christmas holiday season will be keeping us all busy with all that goes along with major holidays.

So I am seriously considering going along with this trip. Getting away from the city and all the stress that comes along with life would most likely be a positive experience for all concerned. I’ll keep you posted on what we come up with.

deer hunts
The Hunting of Deer
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It’s a Boy!

Noel called this morning and says he is packing to catch the first flight to Australia. His son and daughter-in-law just had a baby boy. This is Noel’s first grandson and he is so excited it is funny. You would think that he invented grandsons.

The baby was born just after midnight and is basically healthy, although he arrived about 3 weeks earlier than expected. So that makes him a Leo – a good earth sign.

Of course this messes up Noel’s vacation plans. He had set things up for his wife and him to take a 2 week holiday over Labor Day and go to Australia for a nice long visit. But since the baby came early, they have dropped everything and booked tickets on the first flight out.

This baby is really lucky to be born into this very caring and stable family.

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A Well Cleaned Gun Is A Good Gun

These days firearms are a hot topic. Either you believe that guns should be outlawed or you believe that it is our right as Americans to have and carry guns. I myself was brought up by parents that respect guns hence there were always firearms in the house. Many days were spent cleaning these firearms as well as spending a good amount of time at various shooting ranges.

My father had numerous guns of various sizes locked up in his gun safe in his office, but there were several of them around the house. We were taught at an early age that these guns were not toys, that they were to be respect and only handled by the adults. I don’t ever remember any of us questioning those rules and there was never an issue. Of course if we had a few friends over my folks would make sure that every firearm was put up and there was never attempts from anyone that entered that household to touch or play with these firearms.

Now that I am older (much older) and have a family of my own I have done the same thing with my kids. I have taught them the same way as I was raised, so far so good. Right now I am looking online to find gun cleaning systems. It’s amazing what you can find online. Not that we live out in the boonies and don’t have many options available to use to find products related to firearms. But there is so much out there on the Internet that it blows my mind. I could (and have) spend hours upon hours looking at all the goodies that are oh so tempting.

Come Christmas time I never have a problem making up my wish list which usually is full of items that I have found online that are related to guns and weapons. I don’t expect that this Christmas will be much different.



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Wedding and Party Music

In the five years that I worked as a mobile DJ, I learned a lot about reading a crowd and finding music to get people up out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. I would come to the event with a music library of almost 5,000 songs and a printed catalogue of songs sorted by title and by artist so I could take requests.

After I got some experience under my belt, I would come up with playlists and lists of recommended songs for the different milestones during typical events. I’m still interested in music and entertaining – it’s in my blood – so I occasionally surf around other DJ sites and read their playlists or other information, such as the Los Angeles Wedding DJs site for the Elegant Event Entertainment company.

What I like about their particular web site is that they have a Wedding DJ blog filled with informative posts. They have posts about venues, party planning, and even “7 Steps for Hiring a Wedding DJ.” This is the kind of information presented in a very user friendly and easy to read format that today’s brides and event planners will appreciate.

In reading the “7 Steps for Hiring a Wedding DJ,” I think an often overlooked step and possible mistake is their tip #2: “Interview the DJ, not just the DJ company.” Most DJ companies will sell you on their service and their price, but most do not offer to let you talk directly to the DJ that will be at your event. This is a very good tip and if the DJ company refuses to let you talk to the DJ, I would run from that contract as fast as I could and find someone else.

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